Business Setup for: TagPredict (SaaS) Total Cost: $US65,000


Business Setup for: TagPredict (SaaS)


Imagine someone would give you a glimpse of the future by telling you what is going to be trending on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in the next 5 minutes... you would be able to target your posts and sales to the coming trends! This is exactly what TagPredict is giving. Currently with 1,400 active users (May 2018), TagPredict is an exciting project of a scalable social media forecasting technology. It is one of the smartest social media productivity and data mining tools which exist in the SaaS space, so we expect it to attract some attention. Business case wise, it is letting social media managers to accurately target their posts to the current social media trends. Technology wise, it required the development of a stateless live application which is taking its feed from thousands of social media posts, and by a smart algorithm, creating an estimated forecast of what would trend soon.


- Brand Identity.
- Business plan.
- Elevator Pitch.
- Marketing & SEO Plan.
- Technical Requirements.
- MVP that included: a scalable database, a smart API, a Chrome Extension, a Landing Page and a Blog.



"Don't give up on your dreams, or your dreams will give up on you."

-- John Wooden.

Full Business Setup for: Scraper Crawler (SaaS)

Total Cost: US$38,000 VIEW

Full Business Setup for: Scraper Crawler (SaaS)


Imagine you had the power of Google or any other search crawler in your hands - what would you do with it? Scraper Crawler is the most powerful crawler on the web - it can crawl and scrape keywords, images, links, videos, emails, phone numbers, hashtags, social media accounts.... basically anything which is on the web. Not convinced? then try it now for free.


- Mentoring the Business Case.
- Technical Specification and Database Structure
- Technical Build and Servers Build
- API backend development.
- Chrome Extension Development.
- Business dashboard development.



SERVICES we make your ideas come to life

Our dev.iBronto team specializes in results driven from a smart, lean, bootstrapping strategy. With years of experience, we can turn as little as $15,000 into a smart, sophisticated and working MVP that you could grow your business on.




Idea Assessment [order now]
Business Case Analysis
Business Plan Brief [why just a brief?]
Marketing / Growth Plan
Business Setup
Brand Identity


Tech strategy analysis
MVP build (SaaS,B2B,B2C,eCommerce)
Landing Pages
Marketing Funnels Build
Artificial Intelligence
Servers Installation


Ideas Assessment - US$95

This is an online service that may save you lots of time and money. You give some online details about your idea and you will receive a full assessment of how good it is. The assessment includes - trends overview in your niche, how feasible it is for your idea to become a business, what is the investment required for MVP, what are the required steps to proceed among other valuable information.
If you choose dev.iBronto to do any of the proceeding steps, you will get a full refund of the price you paid for the initial assessment.

MVP - US$16,800

This is the best deal you could get - for just as low as $16,800 we will build your product and setup your initial business documents. We may ask to charge more if your product is complicated, however - we managed to do some very exciting MVPs for such a budget!
- Idea Assessment and refinement
- Business plan (~20 pages)
- Elevator Pitch
- Investors Presentation (5 pages)
- MVP (a working product!)
- Landing page / company website

Please note: if in New Zealand, charge will be NZ$24,000+GST. Business setup, servers setup - are not included. Additional fees may apply.

Full Business Setup - US$34,500

This is our ready to go solution: we set up the whole business for you - technology and servers, Emails, payment(s) facilities, and of course build the MVP and configure it up for you. This package includes the business plan, marketing plan and some basic training.
- Idea Assessment and refinement
- Business plan (~20 pages)
- Elevator Pitch
- Investors Presentation (5 pages)
- MVP (a working product!)
- Landing page / company website
- Servers setup
- Workflows, payment facilities
- Business configuration
- Growth hacking analysis

Please note: You must check and comply with banking, legal and tax requirements in your territory by yourself. If in New Zealand, charge will be NZ$49,000+GST. Additional fees may apply for additional services.


You can pay your deposit online to get your work started immediately!

"Remarkable experience, I developed two products with dev.iBronto and found them highly experienced, great value for money"
-- Aviv Palti., Tel Aviv

What people say about us Testimonials

Aviv Palti

"Remarkable experience, I developed two products with dev.iBronto and found them highly experienced, great value for money"

Gail Penny,
Dark Horse Digital

"I took some product/market fit advice from the dev.iBronto team. Theirs is strong direction for your business. My advice, take theirs."

ABOUT dev.iBronto - a startup realizer

We are a passionate group of tall poppy kiwis with years of experience in the startup industry. We are very much pragmatic target oriented people with deep technical "can do" approach.


dev.iBronto - a Startup Realizer


dev.iBronto is active in the .com Startup Industry since its early ages in 1997. We used different brands at that time, but like wine, our skills, knowledge and experience just became better and better over the years - even though our brand changed a little!
We are a group of developers, designers, growth hackers and business/marketing consultants that just like to do what we do best: establish online businesses. Initially, we helped established business people and companies to develop their business cases into online products and services, but over the years, the startup industry has evolved and expanded to a place where lots of young entrepreneurs are trying their luck with new ideas. Sometimes those ideas are brilliant, but the entrepreneurs lack the technical skills to implement them, and sometimes the entrepreneurs need help in establishing the business case itself - either way - we can help!


We are a New Zealand based company with lots of international clients.

New Zealand Based Clients


International Clients

"nana" search engine (Israel)
Strauss-Elite group (Israel)
EcologyGateway Bot


Backend: Php, Node.js, Python
Frontend: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, Angular
Online marketing: SEO, growth hacking
Branding: identity, design, logo design.
Growth Hacking
Business Strategy
Marketing Strategy



From an idea to MVP in 80 days

MVP for: GoMyStyle

  • Branding
  • Business Plan
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Marketing Plan

Total Cost: US$15,400


MVP for: GoMyStyle


GoMyStyle is an Israeli startup company pointing to enhance women's experience when they try on clothes in clothes shop fitting rooms. It is an app for women only with a unique business plan, it is basically a social media platform for fashion and clothes: when a user is measuring her clothes she snaps some photos and gets other women to recommend, in a wisdom of the crowd style algorithm, which item is the best fit. The app is designed like a dating app - users flip to the right and to the left to score an item, what makes the user experience very unique.


- Modern business plan
Marketing Plan
Elevator Pitch
HTML5 based App MVP



Strong foundation to build upon

Unlike some other agendas, the dev.iBronto Team is committed to building you a product with as little dependencies and constraints as possible. This will give your company a good start and a robust foundation on which to build upon.




Technology should be a tool, not a target. It is here to make our lives easier, not harder. Simplicity means low cost and low footprint. A simple system means a faster system which consumes less resources and requires less maintenance.


All what we build is constraints free, as much as possible. It means that we use as little framework as possible, and when we use a specific framework or language, it is because it is the best one for the required results. We custom make our code to your needs. You could then choose how you build on top of what we built for you: you are not constrained to use anything which may be constraining to you. We do decide with you on which stack we would use, but except that, at the end of the day, you are delivered with clean code which fits with you like a custom made glove designed for your hand.


- Self documented code.
- Keep it simple stupid
- Avoid unnecessary constraints
- As little framework as possible
- If it can be avoided, we avoid it
- Main stream technologies
- No "$8/hour cheap labour" in our company!


Lets look at GoMyStyle (please access it with a mobile phone). The MVP is a mock for investors. It is in HTML5, what would be easily a matter of one day of work, compiled as a cross-platform app. Now have a look at the GoMyStyle source code. It is a very complex system which includes APIs, well designed interface, image upload facilities, image processing APIs, administrator pages (to manage users / images) and a backend database. The whole system is made of two frameworks - Jquery and JqueryUI (which is used just for one element). The system is made of just 12 php files, 6 css files, 8 Javascript files (including the duplicates of minimized files), and some images. The total size of GoMyStyle is 6MB of memory, out of which 5MB are images. It leaves 1MB for the system itself, including the Jquery library. The total number of files is 178 files, including server configuration files and 149 images - leaving just 29 files for the whole system! Well that is impressive!

A client success story: Growth Hacking Cost: $US 4,800/month




Our growth hacking team at dev.iBronto specializes in organic traffic, inbound marketing and SEO. The following is a real like example of one of our clients, which can't be disclosed. We worked with this client in two stages - at stage 1 - we developed the long term strategy of inbound marketing, based mainly on content marketing and backlinks building. At stage 2, which you could easily see at the graph, we developed some extra functionality based on user's feedback. This client didn't pay a cent to any type of advertising: they never bought any Google ads nor Facebook ads.


- The site was launched in September 2017.
- We began to execute the marketing plan on launch.
- Traffic, until end of January, was very low.
- Traffic gradually increased from end of Jan/18 to end of Apr/18
- On May 18, the client has upgraded the MVP
- from May 18, traffic started to increase by about 25%/month
- Monetization plan should be executed on 2019 (according to client's strategy)
- Please note: the above is the users' report, the page views count for that site is much higher


Wellington City
New Zealand



MVP for: Sales Automata (AI SaaS) Total Cost: US$19,200


MVP for: Sales Automata


Sales Automata is a Wellington, New Zealand based start-up in its early stages. The startup is run by a local consultancy company and an Auckland based investor. The idea is to automate the real estate agency job by a smart AI sales algorithm. The company has got its own business managers and required dev.iBronto to build up the MVP.


- Technical Specification
- Servers build (LAMP, Python, Node.js)
- Database structure and build
- Front end development (HTML,CSS, Javascript, Jquery)
- Backend development (Node.js, PHP, MySQL)
- AI mock
- Workflows and Mandarin version